MBA education is considered universal, as it gives not only theoretical knowledge, but practical skills of business management. This is an important argument, because many businessmen lose a lot of time when setting up their own enterprises, as they need to learn from their own mistakes.

In order to be successful in business, it is necessary to acquaint a person with the realities of the economy and business from childhood. The MBA programme for children in the Russian International School helps students towards their goals in business administration.

Today's children are tomorrow's politicians, entrepreneurs, bankers, and scientists; people who will influence the world. These are the future builders of society. Understanding this, we pay maximum attention to the development of children's thinking. Our training programme, in addition to studying the issues of money management, economics and the principles of its work, financial planning and investment, includes many techniques for developing avant-garde thinking. In addition, the MBA KIDS programme teaches students how to correctly allocate time, effectively resolve conflict situations, and speak publicly and much more.

MBA-training gives the child an opportunity to see business from the inside through the analysis of the cases of successful companies. Practical excursions to the enterprises will acquaint the children with the management approach to recruiting employees, building business plans, marketing and other important aspects of business. Invited Guest Speakers - people who have already become successful businessmen and leaders - will explain how success comes and how they are inspired.

The programme is designed for children and teenagers from 12 to 16 years.

The goal of the programme is to form the leaders of the future, to teach financial literacy, and personal and intellectual development.




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