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International Day

Коллажи1On Friday 2nd June, RIS was the centre of the universe

as the pupils, staff and families enjoyed celebrating and experiencing different cultures from around our diverse world. The school became a multi nation venue as we travelled the globe learning about and embracing history customs, and, very importantly, enjoying the varied foods and drinks form different countries.


The Primary pupils were all issued RIS passports and flight tickets to allow them to visit the various countries. Waiting to allow them into the main building were the Year 10s who for the event were the customs officers and guides to the guests. Once being checked-in safely and securely, the young children boarded their planes to take them to the far corners of the globe.

The Year 7s had recreated Little Italy and gave fascinating and colourful presentations about the Italian people and their habits. With crispy thin pizza, various cheeses and fruit juices to finish with, the pupils got a great insight in La Dolce Vite.

The next destination for the pupils was the Far East, and in particular Japan. Ceremonial Samurai swords and traditional dresses with soothing music welcomed the travelers who were enthralled by the mysteries of the Orient, before again enjoying traditional foods and drinks.

The final stop took the young adventurers to the new world and the glitz and glam of New York City. With vibrant displays and the bright enthusiasm of America, the pupils were wowed by the noise, lights, sounds, energy and atmosphere of the Big Apple.

With loads of experiences, new knowledge to impress family and friends with, stomachs full of exotic tasty foods, the intrepid explorers boarded the RIS plane for one more flight which returned all home to Barvikha and the welcoming arms and hugs of their families.

A truly fantastic day, the pupils have experiences and memories to last a life time, and give them lots of enthusiasm to travel the world more to discover and learn about other distant lands.