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Now no one has any doubts about the benefits of studying with children at an early age, and the majority of caring parents want their child from the cradle to maximize the abilities inherent in them. But how to develop a young childrens abilities?

How to carry out this taking into account the fact that children at this age are not able to keep attention on one subject for a long time, quickly get distracted tired?

Ideal situation for toddlers will be complex developmental activities in the form of games of different orientations, united by a common theme.

Depending on the age, Russian International School offers 2 programs of developing classes for toddlers:

1. TOGETHER WITH MOTHER for children from 1 to 2 years old, the duration of the lesson is 60 minutes.

2. STUDIO EARLY DEVELOPMENT for children from 2 to 3 years old, the duration of the lesson - 75 min.

Classes in the RIS Early Development Studio are 'developing games' of different orientations, combined into blocks.

1. Greeting: songs and dances, finger and music games.

2. Intellectual block: development of attention, memory, perception, thinking, imagination.

3. Individual work: development of fine motor skills, speech and thinking.

4. Articulatory gymnastics: development of speech and articulatory apparatus of the young child.

5. Creative unit: individual and group work with different materials. As a result, the child develops small motor skills, coordination, visual and color perception and imagination. 

6. Motor block, which includes elements of baby-yoga and children's fitness: prevention of flat feet, the formation of proper posture and proper breathing.

7. Magic theater: mini-play with the participation of your favorite characters.

8. Farewell and joint tea drinking.

Together with the teacher and parents, young children make their first discoveries in the knowledge of the surrounding world, and also receive many positive emotions.

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