MBA Junior – provides business and financial education for children and adolescents from 12 to 16 years.

The purpose of the program is the formation of future leaders, financial literacy training, as well as personal and intellectual development. MBA education is considered universal, as it provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical business management skills. This is one of the main advantages, as many businessmen lost a great deal of time learning from their own mistakes, while creating their own enterprises. In order for a person to be able to choose the path they wish to follow, it is necessary for individuals to familiarise themselves with the realities of the economy and business practices from an early age. The MBA program for children at the Russian International School helps to furnish participants with the skills and tools to succeed when undertaking new challenges.

Today's children are tomorrow's politicians, entrepreneurs, bankers and scientists; these are the people who will influence society, shape the world and act as the engines of evolution. With this in mind, we pay the maximum attention to the development of children's thinking. Our training program, in addition to studying the areas of money management, economics, financial planning and investment, also includes many methods and techniques for the development of innovative and analytical thinking. Furthermore, the Junior MBA program teaches participants time management, how to efficiently resolve conflict situations, public speaking and much more.

MBA-training gives adolescents the opportunity to experience business from the inside through case studies relating to successful companies.

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