March is the month of Sciences in Russian International School. Although there were holidays, the pupils had a significant number scientific activities and events.  

The most important events were:

Biology and Chemistry Quest in Secondary School.

During the quest, pupils conducted various experiments, guessed riddles, and solved puzzles.

Key facts: ⠀

  • The quest was held at 8 points within the school grounds.
  • 6 chemical experiments were carried out and "alchemist’s gold" was made.
  • 14 specialized teachers supervised the quest.

Квест март старшие


Biology and Chemistry Quest in Primary School

We had Biology and Chemistry quest at RIS in primary school. Students from high school helped teachers to organize the quest for younger pupils.

During the quest, the pupils solved puzzles and carried out practical experiments, such as:

  • Creating a colorful flame depending on the impurity of salts.
  • Writing a message using invisible ink.
  • Growing a "silver forest" with silver nitrate and a piece of copper wire
  • They even tried to extract electricity by themselves.

Winners were awarded at the weekly Friday assembly with “stars” and prizes.

квест младшая школа


Zoological Quest: “Connect a mother to a baby”

For two weeks, a zoological quest was held at the primary school campus. Photos of different animal and birds were hung up all over campus, so every pupil could take part in the quest and try to connect each mother to its baby. Sometimes the offspring are unrecognizably different from their parents, and this made the quest particularly interesting. The quest was held in the study of subjects of biology and zoology.

Зоологический квест


Environmental Initiative  

This year, Russian International School joined the environmental movement to sort and collect used batteries. Special containers have been installed on all RIS campuses where any student, parent or guest can dispose of waste batteries. You can read here why it’s important.

ECO baterry min


Tour to the Experimentanium Science Museum

As part of the Month of Natural Sciences in RIS, pupils went to the Experimentanium Science Museum. This is a special museum where the exhibits need to be touched, collected and researched.

Various expositions cover the main areas of science: physics, chemistry, biology, and astrophysics. The children independently conducted unusual experiments with electricity, sound, magnetic waves, and water. They also studied the applied fundamentals of mechanics and space.

museum expermentarium


Science & Technology Lesson

The students carried out a project "A fictional four-wheel vehicle", which started from brainstorming and ended up with a project plan, including drafting, technical characteristics and marketing schematics. Completion was a test run of a prototype vehicle by testing whose vehicle could carry an object the furthest, thus, evaluating which group came up with the most optimal design. This Experiment taught momentum vs. gravity and movement design, as well as resource efficiency application.

ScienceTechnology lesson


Science Expo

As part of the International Program, pupils carried out projects for the Science Expo. Each student could choose their own project, which they would like to implement during the Month of Sciences, and then make a presentation at the assembly of the month. Pupils prepared projects in biology, physics, chemistry, and technological sciences for such topics as:

Is Genetically Modified Food: good or bad? What is time?  Can bacteria eat plastic? And many other interesting issues.

Science Expo march2019

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