Before September 1, less than 2 weeks are left and on the eve of the beginning of studies we want to recall the results of last year and say that we have something to be proud of.

In 2018, 40% of primary school students and 34% of students of the Russian International School high school finished the academic year "excellent" and were awarded with commendable certifcates by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

All graduates successfully passed the state final attestation, and 43% of graduates received a special certificate (red).

This is the joint work of the students and our teaching staff: we worked hard all year to come to this result. During the year, our students received training in the Russian and International programmes, significantly improving their conversational skills in several foreign languages, the acquired experience, as well as certain achievements, in our out-of-class studios and sections. But beyond this there are things that are very difficult to measure, evaluate and digitize - broadening of their horizons, mental flexibility, development of communication and leadership qualities. We can not give specific quantitative indicators of the growth of these skills in our wards, but every day, year after year we see how children change and are sincerely proud of them.

One of the main values of our school is continuity. By educating and developing our students from an early age, we remove the achieved qualitative stable result in the level of knowledge and, equally important, instill in them the desire to learn and extract the necessary information on their own.

We look forward to seeing our students on 3rd September at Russian International School! Details: read in the following announcements.


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