September 3 there was an event in the international school of foreign languages, ​​Russian International School.

We were very happy to see our pupils and students: those who came to us for the first time this year, and those who have been with us for many years. The pupils of the school and their parents were congratulated by the director Irina Makogon, the director of the international program Mr.Kevin Devine, and the head of the administration of Barvikha Herman Valeryevich Potapchuk.

As Mr.Kevin Devine noted in his opening speech, many new students have come to school this year, and we are grateful for their choice and trust and will work even harder to meet your expectations.

We appreciate that you have chosen the opportunity to get international education in Russian International School. It does not matter if you came to our first class or decided to move from another school - RISchool is now your new home, where you are surrounded by new friends and teachers. Training at a British English School in Moscow is an important and, we hope, a conscious choice that will significantly expand your opportunities.

Russian International School is a private school in the Krasnogorsk district, offering simultaneous training in Russian and international programs, which greatly increases the potential for further choice of a higher education institution.


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