We present you the next participant of #RISperson - a psychologist at the RIS Nursery Khamovniki campus, Anita Kramorova.


Anita is a graduate psychologist with work experience of over 9 years; in 2012, she won the Moscow City Professional Competition of Psychological Mastery in the “Teacher-Psychology” nomination.


Anita is responsible for the psychological health of campus students in Khamovniki and regularly tests both children and staff, she also leads the INFANT CLUB early development group and can find a fun and interesting approach for any child.


She leads our youtube channel and instagram page dedicated to the comprehensive development of children.


And Anita believes that the main thing in the psychology profession is “to create conditions in which children and parents can“ hear ”each other” (V. Mayakovsky).


By tradition, our 2 BLITZ QUESTIONS:


  • A book that everyone should definitely read?

One of my most favourite books in my childhood, I reread several times is Hector Not “Without Family”. I am sure that for many modern children and parents this book would be useful to read. The book teaches goodness, compassion, mutual aid, dedication and sensitivity.  


  • An event that changed your life?

The most significant event in my life is the status and title of 'mum!' I learned to be more restrained, to care and worry about another person, more than myself. Children make great happiness and are the highest reward in life.




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