February is the month of Russian language and literature in RIS. During this month, students took part in events designed to better understand and love the Russian language and classic literature.


The most important events were:


A meeting with Nina Dashevskaya, children’s author and musician of the N.I.Sats theatre.

At the meeting, the pupils got acquainted with the world of musical theatre and talked about how the literary and theatrical worlds work together. Along with Nina came the famous Bumper Bus, full of new books and exciting stories, where the pupils could choose a new interesting book to read during the break.




Students’ reading conference "Golden Shelf".

At the conference, pupils talked about their favorite books, why they chose this particular book and what important and new things they learned after reading. The list of favorite books and authors turned out to be very diverse: from the school works of Mikhail Lermontov and Fedor Dostoevsky to the English books of William Shakespeare and Joanne Rowling.




A performance based on Chekhov’s stories.

The children performed “Chekhov's Stories” as part of the month of Russian Language and Literature. Pupils were able to try being actors in the short stories of “Horse Family” and “Malefactor” to better understand the depth and beauty of Russian literature. The performance was a spectacular and interactive activity which allowed the students not only to approach the formal results, but also to plunge deeper and more consciously into an understanding of classic literature.





In February, RIS students visited the Russian Academic Youth Theater and the Puppet Theater where they could see funny and beautiful performance and knew new proverbes about russian language.




School tour of readers "Live Classics".

One of the most popular Russian projects aimed at the development of Russian spoken culture and public writing. As part of the qualifying round, students read their favorite works out loud to classmates and teachers. The most active participants can continue the tour further among the readers of other schools.



Within this month, each student was able to find for themselves the most interesting activity in which they could express themselves, be it dramatized lessons, public readings or a school conference. Russian International School is a space of options in which each student can show their individuality.

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