Have you ever wondered what a used battery is? And why we need to collect and dispose it separately?

Key facts : 1 used battery can poison a place where there is one hedgehog, a couple of trees, several thousand earthworms and two moles. Or, in another way, it is up to 20 sq.m. poisoned soil waste and 300 liters of water from 1 used batteries.Batteries are in the 1-2 category of hazards as they, amongst other things, may contain: arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, mercury, zinc, benzene, and sodium cyanide. The crossed out trash can symbol on the battery means that it can not be thrown out with ordinary garbage.

This year, Russian International School joined the environmental movement to sort and collect used batteries. Special containers have been installed on all RIS campuses where any student, parent or guest can stack waste batteries.

It is in our power to ensure that each waste battery is sent for recycling, rather than poisoning the soil, as is happening now.

Let's keep our planet clean together!


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