Have you ever wondered what the purpose of homework is? At RIS, we strive to ensure that children do not receive excessive homework and have time to do everything at school. However, some homework still remains. So what is the reason for this?

In essence, homework in education is used for the following reasons: 

- to develop independent thinking skills

- to become more disciplined

- to increase the ability to independently acquire and comprehend information.

This is why self-study is so important.


What if the child does not want to do the homework?

Unwillingness to do homework is a signal that always has a reason. It can be simply fatigue as often this situation is due to the fact that the child simply did not have time to rest, and he needs to do something again. Sometimes it's enough to find the right moment and offer some kind of interactive game so that they can recover after classes and be ready to do the homework task. Another issue is developmental peculiarities, for example, difficulty in concentrating or restlessness. In any case, it is very important to find out the reason why the child is unwilling to do the home task. The most important rule for a parent in this situation is to find ways to help motivate their child to study.


Is it necessary to sit with the child or to only help if there are difficulties?

All children are different and ready to do homework in different ways. There are children who are independent and quick to do their homework, and there are those who cannot master the homework without support. But even if the child is motivated and independent, leaving them without support and control in primary school is impossible. Sometimes it is necessary to offer to check the task, or to help your child to find the error themselves. Of course, it is necessary to mention and praise diligence, as pupils must understand that this is their task and that they are responsible for completing it.


When is it better to do homework: right after school, after a walk, or in the evening? 

These days, parents often take children to afterschool clubs. In this case, it is necessary to allow the child to recover, and only then to start the homework. The main thing is not to postpone it until the late evening so that the child would have time to rest and tune in to sleep. If the child is not busy on this day, then after school you can just walk. Long walks are good at any age, as they help to relax, to remove hyperactivity, and to restore the nervous system. Lessons after such walks are much easier to do. There is a strict rule in this sphere as this is the daily routine.



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