May is not only the month of the longest holidays of the year, but also the month of preparation for exams and Awards Ceremony. But besides this, traditionally every month in Russian International School is devoted to a special topic. This year May is the month of history; especially the history of Russia and the Great Patriotic War.

The most significant and key events of the month were:

Holiday Assembly and Remembrance Line

RIS hosted a festive Assembly dedicated to Victory Day where students remembered the main events of the Great Patriotic War. There was also a Line of Remembrance and traditional floral tribute

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Meeting with Veterans

Also in May at RIS we held a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This is a very important event for RIS students. This is an opportunity to get in touch with momentous events and listen to real stories first-hand. At the meeting facts and dates from textbooks come to life and become closer and more understandable to each student. All pupils sincerely thanked the veterans: Galina Smagina and Mikhail Krasov.

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Interactive Live Story Games

At the end of the month, the interactive history, “Live Story games" were held at the school. The goal of the game is not only to provide pupils with various and useful outside activities, but also to arouse additional interest in various historical periods. During the event, the pupils were able to practice archery and compete with safe swords under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Also, the school organised a special exhibition reenactment on the campus of primary school.

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Drama lessons literature

As part of the literature course, students of Russian International School conducted a dramatised historical lesson on the play, “Will.” In the literature course, we develop an aesthetic sense in children, broaden our horizons and create new neural connections when children perform in new roles that are unusual for them. We welcome active, positive self-expression of our pupils by participating on stage and in creative events.

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Historical Expo

There was organised special interchangeable historical Expo. Expo featured various historical eras and various objects of infrastructure. And teachers weekly conducted additional excursions and told a variety of stories about historical eras.

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Excursions to historical places of Moscow

As part of external events and excursions, pupils visited historical places of Moscow as the, “Red Maze Labyrinths” and took part in special excursions to the most famous Moscow metro stations.

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