We continue our heading RISperson, where we talk about the RIS team. The first participant in this year is Maths teacher Andrey Bozhko.


Name Andrey Bozhko.

Did study in France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia.  Graduated 2010 , worked in various institutes in Germany on following projects: Wendelstein 7-x stellarator and x-ray free electron laser.  Later in Moscow worked in various companies that provide help to students, who want to study abroad. 2015 crossed the Bosphorus strait from Asia to Europe. Since 2015 took part in more than 40 swimming competitions.  2018 (October) a Gibraltar crossing was scheduled, but due to the weather conditions the authorities did not allow the swim. Next attempt — May 2019.


Passion: swimming (dream is to cross the English Channel), mountain Hiking (goal: To summit Kilimanjaro and any 7000 meter summit).


By tradition, our 3 BLITZ QUESTIONS::


  • A book that I can recommend?

Probably I would recommend: “Atlant Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and also “The Financier” by Theodore Dreiser.  


  • Event that changed my life?

I think everyday events and how one did react to these events change the life of a person. In my case there are two events: 1. I read an article about the Bosphorus swimming race and decided to take the challenge. After this, I understood that any big and “scary” challenge is achievable when the right things are done day by day. 2. I opened my own business. Running a business means that you always have to be ready to solve different problems and only you are responsible for it.


  • What else can I teach students?

How to set goals in life and how to achieve them. Any questions concerning the admission process into top universities.





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