We celebrated Maslenitsa in RIS: a lot of fun, pancakes, folk festivals and, of course, the traditional burning of the scarecrow! We said farewell to winter very actively with heroic games and original Russian fun!

There was a workshop on how to make scarecrows entitled "Following  Russian traditions..." Every year in RIS, before Pancake week, children from all classes get together to make a stuffed winter doll, know about Russian traditions and habits, and sing songs together. All students and teachers of the school will gather in the schoolyard to say farewell to winter and meet the first day of spring. It will be fun and hot, and of course, tasty (where would we be without pancakes?!)

In RIS, teachers attach great importance to children's activities aimed at strengthening the school community and creating a healthy, friendly atmosphere. Each  member of the RIS community contributes to school extracurricular activities. 

Congrats to everyone with the first day of spring and the school holidays!



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