Today in our #RISperson we are pleased to introduce the Headteacher of RIS Nursery Khamovniki - Kirsty Hubbert.

Kirsty has been working in Moscow for over 7 years in the field of premium international  education and has extensive experience in raising and educating children in a bilingual program. Before arriving in Moscow, Kirsty worked in France.

At RIS Nursery Khamovniki, Ms Hubbert regularly organizes additional activities, games, workshops for children and, as well as monitoring the implementation of the program in accordance with international standards, actively participates in them.

Kirsty is keen on sports and previously worked as a kayaking and rock climbing instructor. Ms Hubbert confessed tha,t 7 years ago, she fell in love with Russia uncontrollably and now officially calls this place her home.

In her free time, Kirsty prefers to participate in various sporting activities, as well as unusual quests.

By tradition, our 3 BLITZ QUESTIONS:

- A book that I can recommend?

The book I would recommend to my students is “The Rainbow Fish”, a beautiful story all about sharing and being kind to others.

- Event that changed my life?

The one event that influenced me in my life the most was following a rebellious teenage period which may have included climbing out of my bedroom window and running away and finally listening to my family who helped me get back on the straight and narrow which led me eventually to Moscow.

- What else can I teach students?

Apart from teaching students literacy and maths and all other subjects I feel I can also teach my students how to be strong and open, to be confident and try new things.

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