ETON is one of the oldest and most schools in the world. Its graduates include 20 of the 48 British prime ministers, the kings of Nepal and Thailand, several Olympic champions, countless bankers, many writers, composers and dozens of military generals.

The academic results of Eton students are quite impressive: almost 25% of graduates go to Cambridge or Oxford (about 0.3% of Britons, on average, go to these universities in England). The school is truly unique in terms of its history, cultural and educational heritage, training programs and social adaptation of students.

Today, students of Russian International School International School in Moscow have a great opportunity to take online courses at EtonX in order to learn more about approaches of Eton.

EtonX is a subsidiary of Eton College; all course materials are provided or approved by Eton teachers.

EtonX courses are aimed at developing communication skills (future skills for teenagers) in the following areas:

  • Public speaking
  • Verbal communication
  • Skills letters

An Entrepreneurship course was also recently launched, the goal of which is to teach teenagers how to develop a business idea and bring to market a minimally viable product (MVP) and apply for funding.

Russian International School is a representative of EtonX in Moscow and will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate course so that students and guests of the school can get acquainted with the approaches to studying in Eton using the example of online courses.

For more information, please visit the EtonX website.


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