In October at Russian International School  we learn about English Culture and Tradition and hold several interesting events.


Visit to the British Embassy
In October we celebrate English traditions at the Russian International School. One of the most important events of the month was the visit of our students to the British Embassy in Moscow to meet the consul.
The students had an opportunity to discuss the topics of diplomacy, international relations, and cooperation between Russia and the UK. Students asked questions about Brexit and Boris Johnson's appointment as the new prime minister. Students also discussed ecology issues and man's influence on the global ecosystem. At the end of meeting, the consul, Colin Wells talked about diplomats' everyday work and their different roles. 
Many of our students aim to continue their studies at international universities, possibly in the UK, and some of them aim at building a career in the politics in Russia and intend to enter MGIMO. Therefore, the opportunity to get first-hand information was an extremely important and valuable experience for our students.
UK ambassy 2
Interactive lecture "French art"
This month the school was delighted to host a special guest from France, Philippe Jalaber, professor and teacher of plastic arts at the International Lyceum of Saint-Jarmin-en-Lin. He made a presentation entitled "Learning French through art" which was followed up with an open question forum, The author's approach was aimed at active vocabulary growth and understanding of grammatical and phonetic language forms through acquaintance with modern French art.
Fr lecture
English interactive performance "The Secret Kingdom"
In October at RIS we learn about English Culture and Tradition, so some of our pupils attended the English interactive performance "The Secret Kingdom". Interactive English performances help to improve language skills, extend vocabulary and reduce the barrier to language acquisition.
Furthermore, such interactive performances help to develop the social and communicative abilities of children.
En Theatre2019
Volleyball and floorball competition
Sport daily routine at RIS. Volleyball and floorball competition during big break. The winning team played with a team of teachers.To make pupils’ break times more interesting and active we regularly hold outside sport quests and competitions at RIS. 
27 October 2019 Russian International School hosted the international premium tournament "Rublevka Bowl 2019" in rapid chess. The tournament was conducted in accordance with the FIDE International Rate and the Russian Ranking system.
It is a great honor for us to become one of the organizers as well as the venue for this prestigious international tournament.

This year the main judge of the competition was Igor Sokrustov, the International chess, referee, and organizer of FIDE.
Also to open the beginning of the tournament and welcome the participants, the school welcomed German Potapchuk, Head of  Barvikha.administration.

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