November is over. November is our STEM month at the Russian International School.  
This November we held school Olympiads in mathematics, physics and astronomy, where RIS students proved outstanding.
As always, we are happy to fill you in with details of the main events: 
The intellectual quiz "What? Where? When?"
We held a special team-based Science quiz for pupils . At RIS, we aim to develop teamwork and a spirit of cooperation and partnership amongst our students. We regularly hold different events to develop communicative skills. Topic months allow us to organically supplement the academic programme and broaden the horizons of our students. All extracurricular activities are included in each student's personal portfolio and this allows us to track each student's personal development trajectory.
MK what where when
The "Horizons of Discovery" project competition 
The "Horizons of Discovery" competition for authors' projects and a scientific conference on project protection were also held in November. Throughout the month, RIS students together with their teachers and curators prepared projects. The conference on their protection was held over two days. On the first day, secondary and high school students presented their projects, and on the second day, primary school students presented their projects. The competent school jury evaluated each work and the best projects were also marked at the assembly. One of the projects had a social orientation. The theme was bullying. 
project bulling
Robotics workshop
In November we celebrated design and technology at our school. Students were looking for DIY experience in the world of modern video gaming and digital technologies. We used Nintendo Labo and its Toy-Con Garage feature.
For the uninitiated, the Labo is a Nintendo project that let us build our own toys out of cardboard and various other parts, including washers, rubber bands, stickers, and grommets. Each toy has its own unique mini game, whether it's fishing, controlling a robot companion, or playing a miniature piano. The surprisingly complex suite of tools comes with the main Labo software and allows students to create their own custom inventions. If you can dream it, you can make it—as long as you’re determined enough. In robotics classes, our students get real knowledge in line with current trends: in the form of games, our students acquire and effectively master knowledge in physics, mathematics, programming, engineering and many other disciplines.
Robot labo 2019
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