According to the forecast of the World Economic Forum, the most popular soft skills in 2020 will be the ability to solve complex problems, critical thinking and creativity. It is impossible to teach creativity, but it is possible to create all the conditions for its manifestation, and it is these very skills that we, among others, study at the Russian International School. 

In RIS we pay great attention to the modernization of education in the light of current research and global trends, implementing the current trend to the practical integration of pedagogy and psychology, so both in the learning process and in extracurricular activities students train and develop soft skills according to the programs developed to date. 

RIS primary school teachers use such methods as creative development, brainstorming, role-reading, staging, problem and game situations, including those created using multimedia equipment. The programme of psychology lessons at O.V. Khukhlayeva's primary school includes lessons on the following topics: "I can fantasize", "I can write" and "My dreams". During art lessons in the British program, children of primary and secondary schools use the latest developments in programming and construction, including the programming languages Scratch and Makey Makey to create additional special effects to their developments. 

One of the modules of psychology lessons in senior and middle teens is devoted to developing creative personal attitudes and imagination in schoolchildren. In such lessons, children improve various indicators of creativity (fluency, flexibility, originality, the development of ideas), using group and individual forms of work on the methods of J. Guilford, E. Torrance, VN Druzhinin, also work with various auxiliary materials (sand, paints, clay, dough).

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