At the Russian International School ended April - the month of "Natural Sciences". Within this month, even though all the training took place online, many different activities were conducted for students outside school hours.
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As always, we will talk about the most notable events:


RIS Language Challenge

Children from different classes took part in our school Language Challenge and told how they spend time in quarantine: they draw, play sports, cook, and of course, even at home they do not forget to practice foreign languages.


Cosmonautics Day

On the occasion of Cosmonautics Day in RIS, we organized a contest and the guys and their parents made space rockets. Our students showed unlimited imagination and creativity!


Art isolation

High school students at the Russian International School took part in the Isolation Challenge and repeated their favorite paintings from improvised means.


Marathon of experiments in chemistry and biology

The guys independently conducted experiments at home from materials that are always in the kitchen. The students not only had a great time, but also received new knowledge!


Natural Sciences Conference

At the end of the month, RIS hosted an online conference on the natural sciences, which addressed the issue of the impact of space, in particular solar activity, on the occurrence of epidemics and pandemics.

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