As an international school, we pay tribute to many peoples, nations and the world. A world that was on fire 75 years ago! Due to forced circumstances, this year the whole country celebrated Victory Day online. Our school is no exception. May 9, we launched the school-wide project "On the waves of memory"! This project shows that the memory of the events of those years is alive through generations. Pupils from different classes of Russian International School took part in the project! The children honored the memory of the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, relatives and relatives who fought, worked in the rear and lived during the Second World War.

And on the eve of the celebration on May 9, the Russian International School launched the charity project Children of War. Our school personally thanked veterans and seniors who were born during the Great Patriotic War and handed packages with products for the holiday table and daily necessities.

The memory of the Great Patriotic War should not fade, it should be transmitted from generation to generation, from parents to children, from heart to heart. We remember! We are proud!

Video project "On the waves of memory" from students of Russian International School:




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