The chamber atmosphere of the Russian International School has always attracted families who take their children's education seriously. There are several good reasons why.

It’s been stated by teachers and psychologists unanimously that the best academic results are achieved by children studying individually or in mini-classes. It’s been proved that a teacher can only provide an individual approach if the class size does not exceed 10-12 people.

Each student knows that teachers encourage them sharing their opinions in class, as in a small classroom it is absolutely impossible to “sit a lesson out”, so that all the students are thouroghly involved throughout the learning process. Gradually, they become more proactive and develop their analytical thinking skills, the ability to express their opinion and justify it.

Psychologically it is much easier for students to open up, being in the family-like RIS environment, to fully show all their talents. Even the most sensitive children likely manage to build up close and trusting relationship with both classmates and teachers, studying as a friendly small team.
In addition, the teacher’s positive attention and personal support are essential in developing students’ motivation for learning, especially during the teenage period.

In the context of the small number of RIS classes, teachers have an opportunity to pay more attention to parents as well: regularly advise them on current issues, discuss the dynamics of their child's progress and give some recommendations.
In the new reality, the RIS cozy and chamber environment is a fundamental principle of security. A small number of students makes it possible to monitor closely their health status and to carry out all the necessary high quality precautions.

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