We asked our Primary School students to tell us what they remembered about this school year and received some wonderful replies, some of which we would love to share with you!

Дизайн без названия 2

I love this school.  The school is cool.  The students in here are friendly and the teachers are also kind.  This year we learned  lots of new and interesting things in the English program and in Russian.

I remember the New Year holiday most of all. Before the holiday, they taught us songs and dances so we would be very prepared for the performance.  It was fun!  Everyone was in a great mood!

This year I remembered trips to the theatre. It was interesting there.  In general, I like excursions with our class.  We sing songs on the road, chat with each other and enjoy the journeys.  I learned to love, communicate and make friends with everyone.  And I improved in my maths. I'm doing it!

I remembered this year for our performance at the New Year holiday, the performances of our class in assemblies.

This year was unusual.  In the first half, we went to school, and then we started distance learning.  I remember the New Year.  Our class played The Nutcracker, because 2020 is the year of the mouse.  I like it.  It was fun.

 I really like this school.  There are a lot of good people.  Many excursions and many different activities.

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