The Russian International School concluded November, the month of Precision Sciences. This month was very rich and filled with new knowledge! As always, we will sum up and tell you about the most notable events of this month:

The intellectual game - the 'Your own game' quiz.

A team intellectual game was held among RIS Secondary students - a quiz called "Your own game", in where student teams competed in logical thinking and the ability of making quick decisions! Students answered questions from different fields of knowledge!

The School Olympiads

Our students have written the second stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in Mathematics, Russian Language, Social Studies and English!

The robotics master-classes

A series of master classes using NINTENDO LABOR was held for primary school pupils!
The children learned how to create vehicle control elements, connect them to an automated control system and manage them using VR technology. The pupils designed the steering wheel of a racing car, the steering wheel of an aircraft, a submarine and a spaceship from cardboard. Using the controller and Nintendo Switch, our students 'brought all the items they had collected to life' interactively and were able to test them using a connection to a multimedia projector.

The 'Horizons of Discovery' copyright project competition

RIS students have been preparing projects together with teachers and mentors for the whole month. At the end of the "Precision Sciences" month, a contest of authors' projects "Horizons of Discovery" was held in the format of a scientific conference. Guys shared their new knowledge and experience! Pupils raised important topics, carried out research work in various areas and prepared an analytical analysis of the problems raised in the projects.

The master class on creating a computer game "Snake"

A master class was held for high school students on writing code and creating the Snake computer game! At the class, students understood the theory of programming using visual examples, learned the basics of Java programming and saw the work of program algorithms in action! At the end of the lesson, each pupil created his own computer game.

The issue of the "Russian International Magazine" newspaper

In November we launched the school newspaper "Russian International Magazine", written by students for students. The issue of the school newspaper is a project work as part of the study of the British programme and is entirely in English! Pupils from different classes worked on the school newspaper: they learned to find information, analyse it and transform it into interesting articles! The newspaper contains both creative works and texts of an informative nature. The children conduct surveys, take interviews and raise important and interesting topics in their articles!

Mother's Day

RIS Secondary students took part in a very moving flash mob, "Mom, I love you! And also, Primary School students prepared small gifts for their beloved mums with their own hands!


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