Mr. Daniel Stavisky - English language and Literature Teacher




- Tell us about yourself!

My name is Daniel Stavisky. I am from a town called Bury in Greater Manchester. I have been living in Russia since August 2019 though between 2007 and 2009, I worked as the head of English at another well- known school in Moscow.


- What subjects do you teach?

I am currently teaching English and IELTS which is a course in Academic English, usually taken by students who want to work or live in an English- speaking country. An IELTS qualification can be a requirement to study through the medium of English not just in the UK but in America, Australia... It is very useful and currently one of the requirement of the home-office in the UK should you apply for a VISA.


- What subjects do you/ are you able to teach?

My specialism is English. I studied English (with theology) got a TESOL diploma, a PGCE in English and QTS. Later I will mention my work with gifted and talented children, In order to prepare for teaching this course to primary teachers, I had to comlplete a 'conversion course', so I can teach primary from English year 3/4 upwards. I am able to teach English language, English literature and the language and literature 'hybrid' up to A'Level. I can teach both the philosophy and the religious studies (philosophical and theological studies) to A'Level. There isn't a gret deal of difference between the two of them though the RS A'Level is much more popular and a to be honest, more respected in the UK. It's simply a better designed course.


-Tell us why you love your job.

I love my job because firstly, there is a strong culture for learning in the staff room. Teaching is a profession you continue to make progress in. To fully embrace teaching, it is necessary to understand you can always be better. The day I realised that, I started to enjoy teaching far more.In my role as English coordinator, it is a real pleasure to hear staff sharing ideas not just in meetings but in the staff room. I love my school because I have a lot of respect for my managers. In addition to doing their job well, I'n not ashamed to say I like them as people. Staff, whatever their position, have shown me politeness at all times and I hope I have reciprocate that.


- Tell us facts about your career or university studies.

1) I was in charge of rolling out the first Gifted and Talented programs secondary and primary) in the UK. As a result of the above, I initiated a gifted and talented program across the largest group of international schools in Hong Kong (22 schools, 18,000 students).
2) I have worked as head of English at four schools in the UK.
3) I am just completing my Master's degree. It is a course in Educational Leadership run by the Universiy of Exeter. I was awarded a university scholarship as a result of my work with Gifted and Talented students. At some stage before I retire, I would like to open a school for gifted children.I feel it is a term that is widely misunderstood in the way it is both defined and managed.

- Tell us something that might suprise us.

My late cousin designed the London eye. My late uncle on the other side of my mother's family, cas the 60's British singer, Frankie Vaughan. Sadly I have no talent for art or singing. I'd like to think I shared some of their creativity.
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