At Russian International School we make our students' extra-curricular activities as interesting and fulfilling as possible! Consequently, RIS students can attend a wide variety of clubs after their academic lessons. These clubs are aimed at broadening their horizons and the acquisition of useful skills.


In the painting studio of Russian International School our students get acquainted with materials such as watercolours, gouache, pastel, charcoal, and learn to create using various painting techniques. In order to develop student’s creative potential to the full extent, we use progressive and effective methods, one of which is right-hemispheric drawing.

For the right hemisphere, everything that is impossible is possible. This develops the ability to hear and accept oneself, to see the world as it is, and this is the way to joy, happiness and self-realisation.

Right Hemispheric Drawing technique is different from traditional visual arts because its main objective is to release creativity by actively involving the right hemisphere. It is a technique that teaches step by step how to increase the capacity of the brain.
What are the benefits of right-hemispheric drawing? Right Hemispheric Drawing has a number of officially recognised positive effects on those who regularly practise it.


- It develops cognitive function, the artist's visual perception improves, their memory is trained and fine/gross motor skills are strengthened.
- It unleashes creative potential, develops imagination, the ability to shift attention, to see familiar things from a new angle, which helps to find a way out of the most difficult situations in life.
- Strengthens self-confidence, raises self-esteem.
- Relieves nervous tension. According to psychologists, drawing reduces anxiety and stress.

For schoolchildren right brain painting classes increase interest in learning, children begin to respond more positively to difficulties and obstacles. Most importantly, the creative process brings incredible pleasure and joy.




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