January was dedicated to Psychology. 

Being the Year of Health, at RIS - the main focus was on "Psychological Health". The psychologists carried out a large number of useful activities for our students and teachers, which were aimed at:

- the development of communication skills and socio-psychological personality traits of the students;
- the development of the motivational sphere;

- the development of the students' desire for self-knowledge;
- the development of essential social skills: empathy, cooperation, conflict resolution through cooperation;
- the formation of a general mood of optimism at the school.



Volunteer activities at RIS

The first school week of the month was dedicated to self-assessment, knowing yourself and your personal boundaries. Everyone needs to respect themselves and their boundaries, so we are developing these 'skills' in our pupils.

RIS Secondary pupils have been actively involved in the school's volunteer movement - running classes for the younger children.

Also, RIS Secondary pupils conducted a training session on developing self-perception, teaching the children to pay attention to how they are feeling and distinguishing between what "energises" a person and what makes them "uncharged".

RIS held a masterclass, "Improvise-play-live bright!", led by a Year 13 pupil. She showed the children that improvisation is an integral part of life and shared her knowledge of it with them.

In addition, Years 12 and Year 13 gave physical education lessons to primary school pupils. They put together an interesting programme, sharing their knowledge with the younger pupils, showing exercises for different muscle groups and ending the lesson with fun sports games and relay races. 






My biggest value" workshop for primary school pupils

As part of the second week of Psychology Month, the primary school held a workshop with the use of kinetic sand called "My greatest value". The most prized value for our children is family! Everyone tried to create their own family based on their feelings.



The project "Values of our class".

The theme for the third week was "the value of communication". All of the training sessions and workshops were aimed specifically at developing communication skills in our pupils.

Thanks to the creative project "Values of our class", the pupils realised that we are different, but together we are a force, because our values form the very basis of inter-communication And it is important to understand for us to learn how to prioritize.

RIS psychologists explained to the pupils how important it is to know how to build relationships; they were taught to understand themselves and others better, as well as helped to develop and protect their boundaries.



"My universe of values" project

In the primary school, as part of Psychology Month, workshops on the theme of "My Universe of Values",were held, where children created their own planets, formulated the values of communication and friendship and chose their place in a shared universe.

Such activities help everyone to understand the importance and value of each other and teach the values of communication and friendship!




Russian International School Magazine

Our students have performed excellent work. During the whole module students have been studying different topics that interest them, doing research and greatly improving their writing skills in three areas: science, journalism and creative writing.

We try to maximise students' interest in extracurricular project activities! These activities not only broaden their horizons and improve their skills, but are also a valuable addition to their portfolios for entrance to international and Russian universities.


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