Mr. Daniel Lundin is an American who was born in Rhode Island but has been living and working in Russia for almost eight years. Mr. Lundin has a lot of teaching experience.

Mr. Lundin teaches English to the secondary school students.

Outside the school curriculum, Daniel considers it important to develop pupils' ability to think creatively and use non-standard ways of solving different problems. He often works with his students on different projects, complementary art and reading texts. In his work, Mr Lundin uses interactive, modern "games" techniques to engage his students.



By tradition, let's share a short interview:

- What is your name? Where are you from?

My name is Daniel Lundin, and I am from the smallest state in America, Rhode Island. I have lived in and around Moscow for almost eight years.

- What subjects do you teach your children?

 I teach English to Years 7 and Years 8. Outside of strictly curriculum plans, I find it incredibly important to instill a sense of wonder and creativity in my students. Students will often engage in writing projects, supplemental art, and reading texts.

- Why do you love your job? 

My teaching career came about because somebody took a chance on me. I enjoy giving every student that experience of taking a wild chance and seeing what comes of it.

 I have: 

  • Taught ages 3-70
  • Headed an EAL program
  • Taught a top executive of a major Russian media company.
  • Mentored eight new teachers through their first year of teaching, two groups of four.
  • Used games and participatory methods to engage students and ensure they are enjoying themselves.

I became a teacher more or less by accident and realized I quite enjoyed it.


- Tell us something that might suprise us!

 I read science fiction and fantasy, I collect and paint miniature armies, and I greatly enjoy practicing culinary arts.

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