February has come to an end - the month of Russian language and literature at RIS! Throughout the month students at the Russian International School have been involved in activities aimed at maintaining their interest in Russian language and literature.

Here's a look at the month's most significant events:

"Total Dictation" at RIS

Under the slogan #WriteLiterateFashionably, our children took part in the Total Dictation. The aim of the event was to turn people's attention to their literacy and develop a culture of literate writing.

Game-quest "Journey to Grammar"
A quest game "Journey to Grammar" was held for primary school pupils. Guys divided into teams, received route sheets, and passed all stations of the quest cooperatively helping each other. Unusual and interesting assignments allowed them to discover the mysteries of the Russian language, and awakened a desire for further literacy.

The game "Journey to the magic world of Pushkin's fairy tales"
During the quest, pupils had to complete interesting tasks, based on their knowledge of Pushkin's work: they solved a literary crossword puzzle, added famous phrases, and finally wrote a short quiz.

Excursions and visits to the theatres

RIS pupils visited the Mossovet and RAMT theatres. They watched the play "The Idiot" by F.M. Dostoevsky and the play "Woe from Wit" by A.S. Griboedov. In addition, the pupils visited the Gallery of Modern Art of Europe and America of the 19th-20th centuries.
 As part of the celebration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day the pupils of Year 3 visited the interactive excursion "The feat of the people" in the Victory Museum on the Poklonnaya Hill.

Recitation competitions

A recitation contest was held for the middle and high school students on the occasion of Pushkin's Memorial Day. Children recited their favorite poems of the poet by heart. They performed very artistically and expressively. Among the pupils of the primary school there was a competition of recitations timed to the Day of remembrance for Agnia Barto. At the competition, the young participants introduced the audience and the jury to her unique work. 

Project "Way To Success"

RIS students met with a successful cinema and theatre actress, TV presenter, choreographer and very interesting person Daria Sagalova in an open dialogue format. During the meeting, Daria talked about the beginning of her career, her work in theatre and film, her successes and failures, her motivations for moving forward, and shared her professional experience and knowledge with the students.

Civility Online Conferences

At the conference, high school students presented their projects and spoke about modern communication language and networking etiquette. Writing competent business letters is a separate skill that can and should be learnt!

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