Natural Science Month at Russian International School has come to an end, and as always, we will summarise the month and highlight the most exciting events aimed at maintaining interest in biology, chemistry, physics and other subjects from the field.

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The World of Experiments

The children plunged into the fascinating and wonderful world of fun experiments and discovered many new and interesting things: they understood the laws of physics and the essence of natural phenomena and learned about the chemical processes going on around us.

School project "Growing a life"

Each class in the middle and high school was given several seeds, which they planted together with the biology teacher, observing all the rules. Every day the children observe the changes in the growth of the plants and take care of them.

Excursion to the State Darwin Museum

Pupils of the Russian International School visited the excursion "Animal World on Planet Earth", during which they made an amazing journey to different parts of the planet: to the kingdom of snow and ice, in a hot desert, in a tropical forest, and even went down to the bottom of the ocean.

A science-practice conference

Among the pupils of the senior school a scientific-practical conference was held, at which the guys presented their author's projects. During the conference children raised very important topics and covered biological, political and physical aspects of the Chernobyl accident.

Charity at RIS

Throughout April, primary, secondary and high school pupils collected items for elderly people in need at the old people's home and wrote letters of wishes. Together with the Sofia Charity Fund, we organised the sending of collected items and children's letters to Smolensk region.

Vitamin C Day

A "Vitamin C Day" was held as part of Natural Science Month. Pupils learned about the history of its discovery and its useful properties. And in order to keep a good mood, every pupil received a vitamin C and a tangerine.

The game "Who lives where?”

During the whole month pupils had to find the part of the world where the animal lived and look for information in encyclopedias. In the last week of April, the results were announced and the winners were awarded!

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