As we are approaching the end of the school year at the RIS, the Year 6 pupils who are leaving primary school this year share their memories and experiences.
Over the past four years, our students have broadened their horizons, discovered their potential, gained new interests, gained new knowledge, and we can't help but notice how much they have matured during this time. Ahead of them is a completely new, but no less interesting stage - secondary school.

And now we want to share with you some of the remarkable stories of the pupils:

"At the beginning of my studies at the RIS I was withdrawn and shy, but soon I became more sociable. And I also really like Maths in English!"

"The RIS has taught me to be smart. I know how to maintain friendships properly. I learned how to play chess. I am grateful to all RIS teachers!"

"The school gave me good knowledge. I learned how to cope with different tasks; the RIS opened my personality and helped me in many aspects. I love this school!"


"The RIS is a very good school, I met my best friends as soon as I came. My favourite subjects are maths and music and I want to thank the teachers of these subjects!"

"The RIS has given me many friends and new knowledge. My class teacher has been very kind to me throughout the four years. Lessons such as maths, art, and many others have been very interesting. From the third grade I studied English and now I can say that I speak it very well."

"At the RIS I learned to play volleyball. I met a lot of new friends here. I also learned how to use the computer. I am grateful to Elena Nikolaevna for bringing me up in the right way. I also applaud the PE teachers for making me look aesthetically pleasing!

"When I came to RIS I was a bit shy. During this year, I've learned a lot. Besides, I've met a lot of friends here."

"I've learned how to make friends and I've learned a lot of interesting things. In this school I met new friends. I learned how to be responsible. The RIS gave me basic knowledge and I started to speak better English."

"New friends, maths, English, Russian and being able to read quickly - that's what the school gave me."

It is very important for us to receive this kind of feedback from our pupils and we are very proud that pupils enjoy coming to school every day and working hard to achieve brilliant learning outcomes.
We thank the parents of the pupils for their choice and for their trust and we will continue to work hard to become even better every year.



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