Open horizons and freedom of choice - this is what is available to our pupils after they receive their International Diploma.

The British curriculum is fundamentally different from the Russian curriculum, and those who have immersed themselves in both can tell you about these differences from their own experience.

On the eve of her graduation and choice of university, the RIS graduate and soon-to-be student of the School of Higher Economics in the Czech Republic, Faculty of Humanities, Maria shared her experience of studying and answered the most interesting questions.




What was the most challenging part of the course?

The most difficult thing in the British programme was learning new terms for a particular subject because you have to memorise them, but that's what I liked the most, because it has broadened my vocabulary and increased the level of my language development.


What's the difference between the British programme and the Russian one?

The British programme differs from the Russian programme in that there is no definite structure to the answers. You can give an open-ended answer as you see fit. It is more of an assessment of the knowledge you have acquired rather than learning patterns.


What skills did you acquire during your studies?

I have acquired the skill to speak another language fluently without fear of language barriers. During my time at the school my English has improved a lot because we were immersed in an English environment and the lessons were taught in English, which made them even more interesting. Learning in an English environment for me is about comfort and discovering new things every day.


How do I prepare for the international exams?

Read all the time. As I said, it's your personal response and your opinion that counts, not a memorised multiple-choice answer structure.


What advice would you give to those who want to study at an international school and go to a foreign university?

My advice to prospective students in the UK programme is to never be afraid to voice your opinion, and to graduates - never give up and go for your goal, as it is important for themselves.

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