A gold medal is an indicator of academic knowledge and a conscious attitude towards education; it is serious work that requires strong concentration and dedication.

Arina, a Russian International School graduate with a gold medal, talked about her studies and gave some advice to prospective students. Arina studied not only in the Russian programme, but also in the international one, which is an indicator of higher erudition and knowledge.


"Thanks to the school, I learned to focus quickly on the things I need, defend my point of view and listen to others," shared the graduate.


Arina answered questions that will help many learn more about studying and preparing for exams.


- Was that you had to learn two languages at the same time, in both Russian and international subjects?

"At first it was difficult because of the language itself, as there were a lot of scientific terms and explanations. And what I liked the most was when I had a good grasp of the subject while studying mathematics and got an A in the test".


- What are the differences between the Russian and British programmes?

"The differences are enormous. I think that the Russian curriculum is more formulaic, teaching according to the test, memorising the material, whereas the British curriculum gives the student the opportunity to express his own point of view, which will not be judged."


- Learning in an English environment- what was that like for you?

"It's a great opportunity to get rid of the language barrier and start to communicate fluently with people in English."


- How do international exams differ from Russian exams and what is the best way to prepare for them?

"Of course, you have to prepare for any exam in advance, because there is a lot of material, and I advise graduates to start preparing for the exams as early as possible, not at grade 11, otherwise it is very difficult to learn all the material in a year; I also advise to have patience and strength, because this is the main resource in preparing for any exam".


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