Today we continue our #RISStudent column and bring to your attention an interesting interview with Daniil, a graduate of Russian International School.
Daniel is studying at the International University of Monaco in the second year of the Business Management faculty where he studies such subjects as financial accounting, economics, business, international relations, professional communication, academic communication, marketing and many others.
Our mission as a school is not only to provide students with excellent knowledge and broaden their horizons, but also to help them adapt to the environment in which they wish to further their education.
At RIS, Daniel studied in two programs at the same time: international and Russian, which helped him to quickly adapt to studying abroad.
How do you feel the Russian and British programs differ? 
In the British curriculum, more attention is paid to practice: all of the math and economic problems are very closely connected to real-life situations. Even English is built entirely on tasks that are of great benefit in later life. The Russian curriculum is built more on theoretical knowledge, especially in mathematics.
What was difficult about studying in the British Curriculum and studying in the Russian one? 
What did you enjoy the most?
In the Russian program, the constant application of theorems when solving problems. I still remember that one action wasn't enough, you always had to justify it. In the British program it was difficult to learn A-level English, because it wasn’t my native language. Most of all I liked the skills I learned in the British program, my knowledge of mathematics and high level of English helped me a lot when I was studying at university.
What skills did you learn at school and do they help at university?
As I've already mentioned before, the math and economics skills I learned at school were very useful for me when I went to university I never had any difficulties with Mathematics For Business and I graduated with a 100 grade here. It also helped a lot when I was studying both micro and macro economics.
What advice would you give to future students?
I think it's very important to emphasize all the programs, both Russian and English. I learned a long time ago that it is the combination of the two that gives the best results and makes students the most flexible in any environment.
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