As autumn arrives and school starts, many parents and pupils have a question: How do you adapt to the new autumn regime and the new school workload?

The RIS Psychological Support Team has prepared five tips to help you cope with the difficulties of the coming period.

Healthy eating.
We all know that many factors determine a person's physical health, one of the most important is a healthy diet: seasonal fruits and vegetables, not a lot of sugar and fast carbohydrates will help your child's body to be in the right frame of mind. In addition to the main meals, RIS also offers a fruit breakfast - a healthy snack - which our young students are really looking forward to.

Healthy sleep.
The academic workload is gradually increasing, and to feel awake and healthy every day you need a certain bedtime routine: before 10 p.m. Psychologists recommend eliminating the use of gadgets 2 hours before bedtime to avoid insomnia. A cup of warm milk and a good book is ideal company for a schoolchild in the evening.

Planning the day, week, month is known to be the key to success in many things, so why not learn this useful skill right now. At RIS, every student has a planner, specially designed by a team of psychologists and methodologists, with which they can conveniently keep a to-do list, write down great ideas and much more! The main thing is to look in time and check your plans.

A competent mindset and positive attitudes.
Thought is material, so we can set ourselves in the right learning mode and help our bodies and nervous systems adapt by simply starting to be sensible with our words and thoughts. Motivational quotes, thoughts of great people, beautiful positive pictures on smartphone screens or the so-called mood board, which our students love to do in psychology classes at RIS, are very helpful.

We are sure that our advice will be useful for children and their parents. We wish you a successful and interesting school year!

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