The Russian International School has completed its first module and October - the month of Great Scientific Discoveries of the 20th century in the field of natural sciences - is also coming to an end.

Our students have gone for a well-deserved break, to rest and gain strength before the second module - there are a lot of discoveries and various events ahead, and, as always, we will sum up the results and tell you about the highlights of the passing month.

October started with Russian International School's traditional EcoFest, which took place outdoors. Children together with their parents and teachers actively participated in team games, sports competitions and relay races.




Excursion as part of the "My Moscow" project
Children went on a fascinating interactive tour around the capital, visited the most beautiful places, solved riddles, participated in fun games and answered historical questions about the past and present of our city.




Apple Day at RIS Nursery
At the beginning of October, in honour of the traditional British holiday Apple Day, there was an event in the kindergarten, where children learnt about British traditions, and also about the variety and richness of nature, took part in competitions and contests, played with animals, read poems and sang songs about apples and crops in English.




Interactive lesson "Exploring Space"
This lesson used an experiment with soda, sugar and sand to explore the formation of extraterrestrial volcanoes in the solar system.




Lecture with a guest expert
A lecture was held for RIS students with an invited expert, Elena Kolosok, CEO of the Forsyth Strategic Energy Development Fund, during which Elena raised a very topical issue of global warming for our time.




Theatricalised literature lesson
There was held a theatrical literature lesson on Fonvizin's work "Nedorosl" for RIS pupils; the children took a role of characters in the work, took a quiz, answered the questions and learnt to explain their opinion and support it with arguments.




Journey around the Golden Ring
Together with the teachers the children went on a journey and visited the Golden Ring cities - Kostroma and Plyos, where they spent two unforgettable days filled with interesting excursions and new knowledge.




Chemistry quiz
As part of the "Great Scientific Discoveries of the XX Century" month, the Russian International School held an interactive quiz in chemistry, during which the children conducted experiments, searched for chemicals and solved puzzles.




Excursion to the interactive science museum Inno Park
Primary RIS school pupils visited the interactive science museum of Innoo Park, where with the help of illustrative exhibits they got acquainted with the world of science: the work of physical laws and natural phenomena.




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