Elena Nikolaevna, a primary school teacher at the Russian International School, shared her own example of how to achieve psychological comfort in the classroom and make the atmosphere favourable for all students.

When starting the first grade, every teacher first thinks about how to make all the students feel comfortable, because learning will be effective only if the students are maximally adapted to the school and to their class.

Usually there are one or two clear leaders in a class. What if every child in the class is a leader?




That's exactly what happened in my 1st class at Russian International School, and for me it was the first time such an experience happened. I realised that the educational and developmental potential of the children's team was far more powerful than my pedagogical resources. And, of course, I began to actively use psychological tools in my work, with the support of the administration and the team of psychologists at our school. One of the methods I used was the method of team building, which also worked during lessons. Thanks to this system, students who had their weaknesses became more self-confident, because they knew that they had a reliable and cohesive super-team that would always lend a helping hand.

Under these conditions of joint life activity our pupils developed collectivistic and humanistic attitudes, respect for other people, the ability to respond actively to the needs of others, to live in the public interest, readiness for mutual help. This is largely determined by the psychological climate of the team. And, of course, in this environment children began to actively develop, and the personal growth of each pupil in the class was noticeable. For example, we systematically held presentations of each pupil and his or her achievements in various areas of activity. Everybody had a place under the sun in our group: some had successes in gymnastics, some in swimming, some in chess. Everyone was unique in their own way and EVERYONE acknowledged their importance!

In the process of forming a team and establishing their personalities, children began to compete with themselves and grow over themselves, however unusual this may sound. In our class everyone wanted to come to the blackboard and answer because they were absolutely sure that their classmates would always help if they needed help. But the most surprising thing is not even this, but that those pupils who joined our amicable group later, also later became leaders, because all conditions accompanied the disclosure of the child as a personality and further harmonious development.

And as this experience has already shown, at Russian International School, thanks to the coordinated work of teachers and psychologists, we have chosen the right direction in creating a favourable environment for children's learning and development.

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