Since September 2016, and according to the current licence, the following major educational programmes have been implemented in the ANO NGO "Russian International School":

Name of educational programmes

Terms of development


The main general educational programme of pre-school education

5 years


The basic general educational programme of primary general education

4 years


Basic general education programme of basic general education

5 years


Basic general education programme of secondary general education

2 years

The educational activity of ANO NGO "Russian International School" fully complies with the Federal State Educational Standards .

The methodological basis of the primary school's educational activity is the system of programmes recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation: School of the 21st Century and the School of Russia (advanced).

These programmes use new modern technologies of advanced learning that allow developing abilities for logical thinking, recognize individuality, and are aimed at the child's self-development. Textbooks contain different levels of tasks: from basic to more in-depth and creative. Students are put in conditions where they must independently acquire knowledge, apply it, and reflect. Pupils also work with educational, artistic and popular science texts; master the skills of finding the necessary information, determine the methods of monitoring and evaluation their activities, and learn how to overcome difficulties they encounter. Students will acquire the ability to negotiate and to evaluate the overall result of their work.

In their work, the school's teachers also use elements of the developing training systems of D.B. Elkonin and V.V. Davydov, as well as L.V. Zankov. These help the elementary school students to analyze and to think in a non-standard fashion.

Student work requires research. The explanatory sheets, which precede each topic, clearly illustrate the educational tasks facing younger schoolchildren.

RIS uses the best tutorials for these programmes.

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