Ранее мы Вам уже рассказывали о проекте учеников RIS Secondary, написанном студентами для студентов, - онлайн-журнале! Спешим сообщить, что в журнале появились новые статьи! 
Преподаватель английского языка, Mr.Skyar, в рамках английской программы, обучает ребят написанию статей и эссе различными стилями, правильному оформлению, а также показывает ученикам основы работы с сайтами и другими электронными площадками!

Благодаря этому проекту студенты практикуют командную работу и навыки самоорганизации! Кроме того, онлайн-журнал является прямой практикой написания текстов, которые ученикам понадобятся для сдачи экзаменов!

На уроке английского языка ученики рассказали о том, как они создавали онлайн-журнал и почему это важно для них! С удовольствием поделимся с Вами небольшими интервью учеников RIS:

How did you decide to create an online magazine?

Leon: The teacher said to us that if we are now doing articles topic we can do articles for a magazine, so I thought that it is interesting, so wrote some articles.

Mikhail: Our class collectively decided to create the online magazine during distance learning to have an outlet for our interests and prevent boredom.

Alexei: We created the online magazine during quarantine to have an outlet for our interests to prevent boredom.

Why is this magazine important to you? 

Leon: It is my portfolio with quite a lot of my work.

Mikhail: The magazine allows me to express my interests and discuss subjects I like with feedback from which I can further improve. This gives me the ability to simultaneously learn about my preferred subjects, such as physics and philosophy while simultaneously improving my English language capabilities.

Alexei: Because this functions as a portfolio for university applications, which will allow me to better show my abilities in the future.

What do you write about in the magazine? 

Leon: I am writing about computer linked themes.

Mikhail: I have lately been discussing the impact of mathematics, science and philosophy on human society and analyzing the relationships between them.

Alexei: I have discussed oil leaks, cuisine, business, etc. Anything that pertains to my interests.

What was the most difficult thing for you in this project?

Leon: Writing articles regularly, sometimes ideas ran out.

Mikhail: Adapting to various audiences that I never thought I would have to appeal to. This presented me a moderate challenge.

Alexei: I did not find anything difficult about this project. 

Do you think this project will be useful to you in the future?

Leon: Yes, it develop my writing and finishing on time skills. 

Mikhail: Yes, this project will help me present my capabilities and improvements I have made throughout high school when applying to universities.

Alexei: As mentioned above, the project will function as a portfolio for university applications to show my achievements within the time I spent in high school and increase my appeal.

How do you plan to develop your project? Do you already have any ideas?

Leon: I will write more digital linked content.  Leon

Mikhail: Yes, I plan to continue writing about various scientific and mathematical topics. However, I do not have anything planned for my next article just yet.

Alexei: We develop the project by publishing new articles to it every two weeks. I will possibly write about going to the moon in my next article.

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