As a part of our regular #RISperson column, we are pleased to introduce the international programme's teacher Mr. William Moss.

Mr. William Moss is from St Albans, the UK. He has been living and working in Russia for over five years now. Mr. Moss joined #RISFamily over four years ago. He works as a primary school teacher at the Russian International School. What Mr. Moss loves most about his job is watching the progress of his students.



By tradition, let's share a short interview:

- What is your name? Where are you from?

My name is William Moss and I am from St. Albans, Hertfordshire in the U.K. It is an old Roman colony just to the north of London. I have lived in Russia for just over five years. I am proud to finally say ‘лет’ and not ‘года’ anymore.- What subjects do you teach your children?

- What subjects do you teach your children?

I teach mainly English, Science, Intergrated Curriculum (which is a mix of geography and history) and I also teach Mathematics to lower years 

- What else can you teach your children besides the school programme?

 I can also teach people to play the guitar and how to record music. 

- Why do you love your job?

 I love my job because it is very rewarding for me to teach children my native language. In addition to that, it’s awesome when a child understands the concept of what we’re learning about and is able to complete the tasks without my assistance. Those are the things I love about my job the most. 

- Tell us something that might suprise us!

 My main hobbies outside of school are playing guitar and recording songs in my home studio. It brings me great pleasure when I finally finish a project I’ve been working on. Some songs take months, some take days. 

It may not surprise my students, though is has surprised people in the past. I have members of my family who have been in/ are still in legendary British rock and roll groups ‘The Kinks’ and ‘The Zombies’. It makes me so proud as I love music so much.

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