Russian International School has an animation studio for children, where pupils of all ages study the history of cinema and learn to create their own cartoons!

Children's animation studio is a great opportunity to introduce a child to the world of cinema, to show the possibilities of modern animation and to captivate not only an interesting new hobby, but also, perhaps, a future profession.

In the process of studying and practical work in the children's animation studio, children learn the history of animation, how to create and animate their own characters, and master various animation techniques. In older groups, students learn to work on professional equipment and in special programs for filming and shoot their own cartoons.

The program includes a block of theoretical training, in which students familiarize themselves with studio materials, learn the main stages of the animation production process, and communicate with special invited guests and experts.

Completion of the course is a joint project - the final short film, made in the technique of relaying, which allows you to combine manual creative work (applications, drawings, collages, clay, etc.) and work with technology (camera, computer). Thus, young animators have complete creative freedom in materials and can combine three-dimensional elements with flat, manual and digital creativity.

To register for classes, call the school’s main campus on  +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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