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One of the main tasks of Russian International School is to help each to child grow up a healthy, happy and harmoniously developed person. The most important condition for the development of a child’s personality is psychological comfort during school and pre-school activities.

At Russian International School we implement the principle of cooperation and co-creation: we build the foundations necessary for the community of adults and children. This is how we understand the comfortable psychological space in which each child can open up and manifest the diversity of their personality in a safe environment.

Sometimes in private schools with an English bias, children experience additional workload and stress associated with the need to simultaneously study subjects in two different languages caused by voluminous homework and difficult communication with teachers and peers. At Russian International School, a team of psychologists and teachers work daily to create a comfortable psychological space for each pupil on the school grounds and pre-school campuses. We believe that the key role in creating a comfortable psychological environment in the classroom belongs to the teacher because the pupil is the main subject of care for each teacher. A school is good if every pupil is good in it.

Our goal is to create a comfortable psychological space, where from an early age, the child will have the opportunity to:

- Express your “I” and make choices in accordance with your value orientations;
- Generate interesting ideas and try to put them into practice in a safe learning space by themselves.
- Form their own borders based on unconditional respect for themselves and those around them.

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