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The tennis section for children is one of the best options for all-round development. Tennis exercises develop concentration, endurance and speed. They also help to acquire graceful movements and work on improving all muscles of the body. Tennis for children in Moscow at Russian International School’s court is a great opportunity to introduce your child to this exciting sport, and to help find new friends and like-minded people in our sports family.

Our instructors, as well as having many years of experience with professional tennis players, are able to provide the most advanced training programs. Our school coaches are themselves practicing tennis players and masters of sports. They will teach your child to love this wonderful sport and help them achieve their desired results.

In our section of tennis for children in Moscow, one of the basic principles even when working in groups is an individual approach. Some wish for their child to become a professional; some see tennis as useful and extremely interesting leisure activity. In drawing up a training plan, we always take into account your athletic goals and try to find the most effective way to achieve them. Tennis for children in Moscow is not only an exciting physical activity, but also a way to develop social and communication skills. Playing tennis is a great way to establish and maintain relationships in both adolescence and adulthood.

To register for children’s tennis in Moscow, call the school’s main campus on +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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