At RIS we have a children's design studio where pupils can develop creative thinking and bring creative projects to life!

What does a design studio mean for children? This is a place where not only design training takes place, but general development of children is held: creative meetings with interesting people, open workshops and discussions, exchange of experience and knowledge, participation in joint design projects, special trips and excursions!

Studying in the studio is split in separate blocks: for younger children, the emphasis is primarily on the development of creative and emotional thinking, for older children not only general creative thinking, but also practical design skills.

All programs are based on the principle of maximum adaptability to the needs and abilities of children. At the expense of mini-groups, it is possible to form multi-format teams in which children organically complement each other and learn not only from teachers, but also from each other. We form the most interesting and open program in which every child can express themselves.

The primary goals of education at the initial stage are to unleash the creative potential of the child. Develop a sense of taste, style, harmony, which contributes to the formation of a holistic creative personality. During training, the child learns design thinking, understanding how different materials help to embody various creative forms. The final modules are such courses as the initial level of interior design, fashion design, graphic and industrial design.

To register for classes, call the school’s main campus on +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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