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At the Russian International School, guitar courses are held for children of middle and senior school age. During classes, the child develops a musical ear and sense of rhythm. The boundaries of perception of music and the world are becoming wider, in the future, the child can even express himself with the help of music.

Guitar classes are held in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere with professional teachers who are motivated to develop your children. Especially for our school was developed by the author's program of teaching children of different ages, taking into account the physical and psychological characteristics of the development of each child.

Playing the guitar is not only a useful and enjoyable leisure and interesting hobby, it is an additional opportunity to realize your creative skills and intentions. Like any other game and creative action, playing the guitar develops creativity, helps to form new neural connections, increases the ability to improvise.

To register for classes, call the school’s main campus on  +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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