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All educational processes in RIS are built to support talents of each particular student. We sincerely believe that every child is unique  and possesses all the necessary talents to become a harmonious and successful adult. Our task is to correctly evaluate and facilitate the discovery of each pupil’s strengths. We are not looking for the same solutions; for each child we try to find our own approach that will work best for them.

Russian International School is a school with an individual approach with own values ​​and traditions. One of the basic principles of training and education in RIS is the “flexibility and adaptability of the educational process”. This means that all educational and pedagogical processes of the school are arranged by taking into account the inclinations, abilities and needs of the particular child. A small number of children in classes and groups enables RIS specialists to provide an individual and personal approach to each child during the day. Teachers and educators in school and pre-school campuses monitor and record both educational progress and the holistic development of the child’s personality. If necessary, adjustments are made to the process, which allow to achieve great results. Several times a year, all students of school and pre-school campuses undergo special psychological tests depending on their age and level of development. The process of raising children is also under the constant supervision of psychologists and specialists in the personal development of children and adolescents. A school with an individual approach to learning is not just a modern look at the educational process, it is an opportunity to show the best qualities of your child.

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