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For normal growth and development, RIS students are provided with a delicious and healthy meal, five-time's a day. Together with specialists, we have developed a three-week menu that meets all the necessary requirements for nutrition of the growing body of a school child.

Dishes are prepared in our own kitchen by highly qualified chefs under the daily supervision of a children's dietician. In the kitchen of the school modern technological equipment is installed, which makes the cooking process convenient, safe and hygienic.

All fish and meat dishes are prepared only in baked, steam or boiled form and served with delicious side dishes. Daily in the diet there are fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as freshly squeezed juices.

Of course, we carefully monitor the quality of the products supplied, so we work only with the best suppliers in Moscow. In addition, we use certified organic food to feed our school children.

Among other things, much attention is paid to the organization of the drinking regime of students. During free time for the children there are always devices for hot and cold drinking water.

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