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Primary education is the first stage in obtaining general education for children. At this stage of education, children acquire their first knowledge of the world around them, the skill to communicate and solve applied problems. At this age the child's personality is formed and begins to develop. It is primary education that forms the general educational skills, and the level of development of which largely determines the success of all subsequent training.

The structure and content of the basic educational programme of primary general education RIS fully complies with the federal state educational standard and is aimed at implementing a person-oriented approach to teaching and is designed to fulfil the following main goals:

  • development of the student's personality, his creative abilities, interest in learning, the formation of desire and ability to learn;
  • education of moral and aesthetic feelings, and a  positive attitude to oneself and the surrounding world;
  • development of a system of knowledge, skills and experience in the implementation of a variety of activities;
  • protection and strengthening of the physical and mental health of children;
  • preservation and support of the individuality of the child.

Teaching at the stage of primary general education is conducted using the programmes of teaching from the elementary school of the UMK "School of Russia" with an in-depth component of the mathematics course from the UMK "Perspective". The programme allows pupils to carefully develop the skills using learning activities that are necessary for successful schooling in high school.

During the literacy period, work is carried out to develop the phonetic hearing of children, to teach reading and writing, to expand and refine the children's ideas about the surrounding reality, enriching their vocabulary and developing speech.

To develop the cognitive abilities of each child in the course of "Mathematics" a variety of geometric material is introduced, and entertaining tasks that develop the logical thinking and imagination of children are given. Great importance is given to comparing, comparing, contrasting related concepts and tasks, and clarifying the similarities and differences in the facts in question.

As a result of assimilation of the subject content of primary general education, pupils acquire new educational skills, and master new ways of working.

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