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At extra piano lessons, we instill in children love and interest in good music, cultivate taste, train our ears and let out little virtuosos! All Russian International School have piano music classes under the guidance of a professional teacher.

We know how to help your child not only master the instrument, but also truly love music.

Piano lessons are organized taking into account the characteristics of child psychology and the possibilities of concentration.

The first lessons of teaching children to play the piano are based on acquaintance with a musical instrument, its keyboard and the name of the notes, on comprehending the expressive possibilities of music. Then the teacher talks about the possibilities of musical instruments, forms the correct fit for the instrument and the correct positioning of the hands. And then only children learn to play and learn notes.

For more experienced students we developed a special author's technique, which allows not only to support the student's interest in music lessons, but also to achieve significant and rapid results in case of performance.

Piano lessons:
- develop a rumor that according to recent research has a positive effect on logical and mathematical abilities;
- activate the memory process, which helps to study at school more efficiently;
- develop coordination and motor skills, which has a beneficial effect on the overall emotional and psychological state of the child;
- mprove self-discipline and control, which is certainly useful for later life in general;
- develop imagination and emotional intelligence.

To register for classes, call the school’s main campus on +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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