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Russian International School has a Maths Club, where children are taught to love mathematics and learn to solve non-standard mathematical problems.

In our classes, we set ourselves several goals: to teach a child to think outside the box, to develop his persistence and ingenuity, and also the ability to find original solutions. To do this, we use entertaining and non-standard maths problems which go far beyond the school curriculum. In addition we are preparing children for participation in competitions.

Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching children how to solve Olympics tasks, and they also prepare students well for various mathematical contests and competitions, including preparing for the OGE and EGE.

The main goal of the club is not just to prepare students for participation in mathematical competitions, but also to instil a love of mathematics and exact sciences. We believe that pondering a task can be a lively, exciting, and even fun affair!

We believe that if a child does not enjoy mathematics, it means they simply have not had it explained the right way.

In our club, pupils:

  • Learn how to apply new knowledge acquired in mathematics lessons to solve atypical problems;
  • Develop logic and lateral thinking
  • Learn to carefully read and correctly interpret the condition of the problem
  • Build teamwork and brainstorming skills
  • Prepare for Olympics mathematical tasks

For questions about joining the Maths Club, call the main campus of the school at +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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